MCC has the most innovative and proven product line for this demanding application.  The lightweight, high capacity heavy duty transit bus rooftop and rear mount air conditioning systems offer the most improved overall fuel consumption, enhanced reliability, and reduced life cycle costs industry wide.  Offered in both traditional and all-electric versions, the systems use MCC’s micro-channel heat exchanger (MCHX) coil technology, which delivers significant performance improvements through better heat transfer and thermal performance.

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MCC’s lineup of integrated HVAC products and multiple roof top systems are available for all Coach and Intercity OEM buses.  Innovative design and purpose built for this application separates us from the competition.  When combined with MCC’s leading 05G compressor and other available industry compressors, these Coach and Intercity products make for long lasting and energy efficient performance.

School Bus

MCC is the leading provider of quality HVAC products in the North American School Bus market.  Available OEM factory installed or through certified aftermarket installers, our products are the most requested and highest performing in the industry.  Multiple system combinations include split systems, roof top and dash mounted solutions.  MCC’s custom designs are purpose built for all possible school bus applications and optimum performance.

Shuttle Bus

Being the most integrated manufacturer of HVAC solutions in the industry enables MCC to meet the requirements of this demanding bus market.  So many variations of bus products and designs require tailor-made engineering designs for any possible application.  Yet, MCC delivers cost effective and innovative design solutions with the largest lineup of HVAC product choices available industry wide.  Let MCC be your one-stop HVAC provider.