Thermal Management System for high energy storage batteries

The MCC TMS is designed to manage high energy storage batteries to the desired temperature while being used in ambient conditions of -40 °F to 131 °F (-40 °C to 55 °C). The TMS manages the battery temperature through the following functions:

1. Active cooling mode: Through an independent TMS refrigerant system using a liquid-to-refrigerant heat exchanger

2. Passive cooling mode: Through cooler ambient air using air-to-liquid
heat exchanger

3. Heating mode: Through a heat source using liquid-to-liquid heat
exchanger (hybrid engine heated glycol or electrically heated glycol)

Active cooling mode
Efficient cooling with low energy consumption
Passive cooling mode
Energy efficient as it uses ambient air when possible
Heating mode
Dedicated liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger allowing flexibility to use hybrid engine glycol or electric heated glycol with a completely separate system to eliminate contamination
CAN (Controlled Area Network)
Ability to integrate and communicate with vehicle control modules for optimized control and function