Excellent performance wherever we go


Our mission is to Create Climate Comfort for all stakeholders.
End Customers – Comfortable cabin/compartment climate
Direct Customers – Comfortable business climate (Innovation, Quality, Delivery and Cost)
Owners – Comfortable investment climate
Employees – Comfortable working climate
Suppliers – Comfortable business climate (increasing volumes and developing requirements)
Society – Comfortable public transportation and environmentally friendly HVAC solutions


Our vision is to be the leading HVAC provider to the Commercial Vehicle Industry.
Leading means the most profitable and the most respected HVAC provider within the chosen market segment.
Commercial Vehicle Industry means all vehicle producers but the one’s producing passenger cars.


Our core values are based on each employee having an open mind and assuming ownership of the actual situation. By living our values in their respective fields, we stretch both our personal and our common borders.

Respect to build Trust

Trust from the company’s stakeholders (customers, owners, employees, suppliers and the society) will come from showing them respect in every aspect. Respect is fulfilling customer needs, give the owners return on their investments, treating colleagues correctly, consider suppliers as partners and taking social responsibility.

Innovation to assure Development

Development comes out of innovation. Every employee needs to try to be innovative and to constantly improve whatever position and task that has been assigned.

Courage and Action to enable Movement

Movement is based on courage and action. Every employee needs to have the courage to act. If all of us have the courage to act the company will move according to the defined strategy.