Corporate Responsibility the MCC Way

For MCC Corporate Responsibility means having policies, procedures and the tools to assuring our group of companies assumes its responsibility and acts in a responsible way from a Financial, Environmental, Social and Ethical perspective and thus helping us consider the interest of our stakeholders – Customers, Owners, Employees, Suppliers and the Society.

Our overall objective is to be a responsible global corporation constantly improving our ways of working and acting.

Our corporate responsibility embraces the following perspectives:

Financial – In order to protect our investor’s funds we follow international reporting guidelines and we have a well established and clear financial policy and written procedures to control, follow-up and report our financial results. We use certified public auditors to assure a high level of internal control and that our financial reporting is of a high standard.

Environmental – Our Environmental Policy and our Management System that complies with ISO 14001 gives us guidance on how to deal with the environmental aspects of our business.

Social – Our Human Resources Policy declares our view on all individuals’ equal value and how to assure a good and safe work environment. We also comply with internationally established norms, UN and ILO as well as stand behind the principle of the right for collective bargaining.

Ethical – With the help of our Business Ethics Policy we give guidelines and manage our company’s and our employee’s way of doing business. Our Quality Policy expresses our firm belief in delivering high-quality products and services. Our Management System also complies with ISO 9001.


We communicate our policies, our progress and our results within the above defined perspectives internally on our Intranet and externally on our internet web page and in our year-end report.


We conduct regular training sessions for all concerned employees within all above mentioned areas in order to assure we know how to act and to stay updated with the latest developments in each area.