Climate systems for buses and coaches

Building climate systems for buses and coaches is the basis of our business and we have refined the process of putting parts together to work as a system. Many factors will influence when choosing components for your bus or coach.

Basically, all of our products can be used in a bus, it is a question of what the requirements are. When you are choosing components for your climate system, these are some factors you have to consider:

  • end customer demands
  • dimension and space demands
  • environment for the bus (pollutions etc.)
  • climate zone
  • bus insulation (kv-value)
  • traditions in the operator’s country
  • economical demands

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We can help you with these activities when building the climate system:
analysis of the bus: e.g. kv-value, defroster air ducts, available spaces for climate components etc.

  • system design proposal
  • customizing of components
  • testing of the system: log of warming up, cooling down, air movements in compartment, defroster function etc.
  • climate system manuals
  • after sales/training
  • evaluation