We are Mobile Climate Control 

Mobile Climate Control specializes in custom engineered HVAC systems. Our climate control systems can be found worldwide in all types of commercial vehicle from buses and coaches, to work and military vehicles.

We supply custom designed solutions from single system components to complete climate systems. With our exceptionally strong engineering staff with many years of experience we create and supply optimal solutions for the best climate comfort.

On Road Bus – step on board for a better climate.

Mobile Climate Control has led the field in the design and manufacturing of exceptional heating, ventilation and air conditioning comfort systems.

On Road Truck – total comfort day or night.

Sleeper bunk products will always give you comfortable sleeping temperature during your down time, in the heat of the day or taking the chill off the night.

On Road Utility – an exclusive right to optimal comfort.

Our highly effective HVAC systems are designed for durability and low maintenance.

Off Road – you cannot change the weather but you can choose the climate.

Mobile Climate Control systems can be found all over the world from the forests of Scandinavia to the diamond mines in South Africa.

Military – keeping cool when the temperature is rising.

Custom design HVAC systems for battle field vehicles that are rugged and reliable to provide the best possible climate for the soldiers.


Even temperature distribution, different layout options, small footprint, low maintenance and easy to install.


Check our improved design for conventional, mini bus and DC powered AC units.